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Nora's cancer journey started on May 5, 2017 when she was 2.5 years old.  This is the date that we signify as Nora's cancerversary.  On this date Nora was diagnosed with neuroblastoma along with an autoimmune neurological condition called opsoclonus myoclonus ataxia.  Nora has undergone tumor resection surgery, years of IV infusions, oral medications, countless sedated MRI's and months of physical and occupational therapy to gain strength to walk again.  Doctor's initially gave her a 50% chance to walk again.  Nora currently remains on treatment for her autoimmune condition that was brought on because of her cancer.  Like many children undergoing treatment Nora has spent several years going to the hospital for infusions and appointments.  Nora knows that she can receive a gift after every infusion and MRI.  It's those gifts she receives that bring her great joy and happiness even after long days at the hospital.  It's from those happy moments and bright smiles that made us want to be able to spread that same joy and excitement to other warriors, too, in the form of a cancerversary gift!  Throughout the years we have celebrated Nora's cancerversary in numerous different ways and we want to help others celebrate too!  

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